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Analysis and commentary on Montagnier's scientific publications in regard to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine
The Nobel Committee has been made aware of the files on this webpage
A critical analysis of Montagnier's 1983 "seminal" Science paper160K pdf
Montagnier, T4 cells (acquired immune deficiency) and the Perth Group oxidative theory of “HIV”/AIDS”120k pdf
The "HIV" genome116K pdf
Shortened commentary on Montagnier's 1983 Science paper 27K pdf
Link to Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos's Evidence-in-Chief at the Parenzee court hearing4.5M pdf
Link to Valendar F Turner's Evidence-in-Chief at the Parenzee court hearing1.2M pdf
The Perth Group revisits the existence of HIV608K pdf
Are Montagnier's particles a retrovirus?681k pdf

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