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Papers and letters rejected by editors of scientific journalsSize
What time decay of maternal HIV antibodies reveals
Gallo's experiments and a plea for clarification
Perth Group reponse to Nature and its Durban Declaration
gp120 and HIV infection
Commentary on the Ho and Wei Nature papers
Concerning TB in Africa
Commentary on AZT
Anti-HIV antibodies, ARVs and informed consent 73K
HIV transmission from chimpanzees
A critical analysis of HIV serology does not affirm a retroviral infection 187K
A critical appraisal of the evidence for the existence of HIV 143K
Commentary on the Gallo/Montagnier HIV as the cause of AIDS paper
Response to Declan Butler
Letter to Lancet in response to the WHO
Letter to NEJM July 2004
Letter to BMJ
Letter to Nature Medicine
Letter to Lancet
Letter to Structure
AIDS causes HIV
The HIV genome

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