Comments on Montagnier’s answer to NEXUS Magazine

In January 2010 NEXUS magazine published a response by Montagnier about an article written by Djamel Tahi.  “VIH: les contradictions du Pr. Montagnier” and statements Montagnier made in regard to an unedited excerpt from Brent Leung’s film House of Numbers which can be viewed HERE.



“My statement—taken out of its context in a film that glorifies the “Dissidents” and posted on Internet by a website that is searching for polemical debate—is based on observations I made while I was director of the Centre of reference on AIDS virology at the Pasteur Institute: we actually met several cases of persons being transitively HIV–positive for a few months and then turning HIV–negative again.

This is difficult to detect, keeping count of the furtive nature of the infection, but, when applied to AIDS, it simply reflects a general phenomenon that can be found in many viral infections: under the effect of a good immune response, these will disappear after a few weeks.

In the case of HIV, this explains the enormous disparity of prevalence between the North (0,1% in our countries) and the South (5 to 10% in Africa). In southern areas, for a lot of reasons (such as co–infections or malnutrition), the immune system of many Africans is weakened and allows chronic infection to HIV.

These cases of people being transitively HIV–positive do not minimize the dangerous nature of HIV, which remains the key factor in the onset of AIDS, but they suggest that a regression of the epidemic can be obtained in Africa by taking general health measures”.

Perth Group Response

According to the HIV theory of AIDS healthy people with competent immune systems (normal levels of T4 cells) get infected with HIV and this infection causes the acquired immune deficiency (AID=low T4 cell count) that leads to AIDS.   However, Montagnier says that people with competent immune systems get rid of HIV within a few weeks.  In other words only people with immune deficiency develop what he labels as "chronic" HIV infection.  If the people who get infected with HIV are already immune suppressed then what is the role of HIV in AIDS?


According to all the HIV experts, once infected with a retrovirus, always infected.   This is because the retroviral RNA is reverse transcribed into DNA which is then incorporated into the host genome (DNA).   Once in the host DNA it cannot be removed by any means.  This is why HIV infection is incurable.  As retrovirologist  Harold Varmus said in 1998, “Trying to rid the body of a virus whose genome is incorporated into the host genome may be impossible”.  So Montagnier has to explain how "general health measures",  which we assume equate to clean water, sanitation, a good diet and medical services, are able to excise approximately 9 thousand specific bases from the human genome while managing to leave all the rest intact.


If general health measures can remove these particular 9 Kbases after “a few weeks” then why not also after a few months?  Or twelve months?  Or twelve years?


If general health measures, which have no toxicities, can remove the HIV DNA, why are doctors using ARVs with all their toxicities?  And why are millions of dollars being spent on vaccine research?


The Perth Group

January 26th 2010