Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi  MD (1893 - 1986).   Self-taught in physics and  biochemistry.  Nobel Laureate 1937.


The existence of a retrovirus “HIV” and laboratory tests to prove “infection” with “HIV” are fundamental to the “HIV” theory of AIDS.  Over many years evidence in this regard presented by Montagnier, Gallo and others has been questioned by the Perth Group. However, these and other “HIV” protagonists will not accept that our arguments cast even a shadow of doubt over such claims.*  The only way open to resolve these disparate views is by experiments.  Such experiments are simple in concept and, although difficult to perform, in competent hands can readily be achieved. And, by the standards of HIV/AIDS funding, performed at little cost.  However, even such little cost is beyond the resources of the Perth Group.


Unfortunately, for reasons requiring no elaboration, at this stage we cannot make public any information in regard to the actual experiments.  Only at their completion, estimated to be 12 months from a commencement date, will we be able to provide feedback.  Whatever the results, it is planned to submit the experiments for publication in a scientific journal.


It is in the interests of both sides as well as the general public that such experiments are conducted.  So much so we invite HIV protagonists to contribute to their cost. It is in their interest because negative findings would boost the HIV theory to an almost unassailable status.


We need at least $US50K in order to begin such experiments. There is a reasonable chance this sum is all we will need.


Members of the Perth Group are contributing to this fund and we welcome others to join us.  If you wish to participate please either email the Perth Group at or donate via the PayPal button on the home page.   Names of contributors and amounts donated will remain confidential unless particular contributors desire otherwise.  Please consider joining us in this endeavour.


Note:  Bank accounts in Australia must be opened in the name of a person.  Both PayPal and bank transfers are paid into an account held in the name of Valendar Francis Turner from where the funds are dispersed.


*See for example

and slides 73-78 inclusive at

where we present evidence that the proteins in “purified HIV” are cellular.

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